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setback07-11-2014 Update: I am happy to report the search functionality has been restored thanks to the efforts of the staff and developers at the Internet Archive. Instructions for retrieving and downloading your archived images can be found here: Wayback Machine Webshots Search

I am sorry to report that the Webshot Archive Search is not functioning. The error message ‘Sorry, your browser is not smart enough. It does not support HTTP Range requests.’ is returned as soon as a character is typed into the search box.
The developers at the Internet Archive made some code changes because of the Heartbleed bug. The bug caused a serious vulnerability issue that is protected under normal conditions by SSL/TLS encryption. The error message seems to indicate these code changes might have unintentionally broken the search function. I’ve sent an email to info@archive.org informing them of the issue and will post updates as I receive more information.

Interestingly enough, there has been one confirmed report that the search and download function work when accessing the site using a networked computer over a LAN. Prior to the code change, networked computers were not able to access due to security issues. The exact configuration used – OS: windows 7 enterprise, service pack 1; Browser: Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 m; Hardware: 64 bit laptop. If you are on a networked computer, it would be a good idea to try this out.

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    • According to my phone conversation with an Internet Archive employee last week, they are dealing with issues as they get to them. I couldn’t get any more of a commitment than that. Their contact information is available to the public; it is posted above if you would like to contact them as well.

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