Webshots Feature Comparison: Past versus Present

The classic version of Webshots offered numerous features and functionality for a monthly fee of $2.49.


Classic Webshots

The new version, Webshots Wallpaper and Screensaver, is a wallpaper-changer with 36 photos. These are not new photos – they were also available with the Classic version. The only thing new about them is the huge Webshots watermark in the lower left-hand corner. You get two photos a day (also watermarked) for a monthly fee of $2.99.


Webshots Wallpaper & Screensaver

Webshots Wallpaper and Screensaver is not even a pale imitation of its precursor. It is a featureless rip-off attempting to coast on the reputation of the Webshots name. Very little effort has gone into the development of the program because in my opinion, its main purpose is not to provide a wonderful user experience – it is to generate monthly revenue for Threefold Photos as they attempt to market Smile for acquisition by companies such as Yahoo and Google. Proceed at your own risk if you decide to try this product.

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