Webshots Archive Search – Report Your Error

There is a problem with the Webshots Archive Search – when you attempt to download a file, an error is returned. This information has been posted on the Internet Archive Forums. Please report your error on the forums also – this will bring the issue to the attention of the developers so they can correct the issue quickly: Webshots Archive Searcharchive

2 thoughts on “Webshots Archive Search – Report Your Error

  1. I can not find my user name. Is there a way to go by the old email address used? Please help me as you have my grand babies photos since birth and my father before he passed away.

    • If you have an old email from Webshots with the subject line ‘Your Webshots Photos: ## new views this week!’ (## will be a number representing number of views), your account / username will be referenced in that email. If you were a premium member, you can still get your photos from the existing management. Please contact Narendra Rocherolle at narendra@threefoldphotos.com. Include the old email address and request that he send you your photos.

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