You May be Able to Recover Your Webshot Images

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine ( is a virtual museum filled with decades of internet digital data. Included in this museum are public folders of Premium Members who were active members of Webshots prior to the shutdown. Note that there is a reincarnated app with the same name, but alas, it is only a mediocre screensaver app awash in a sea of mediocre screensaver apps.

1) Search for your photos here Webshots Wayback Machine

2) Enter your username (full or partial) into the search box to retrieve a zip file containing a downloadable file of your images.

Note: If you are using a Safari browser the search function may not work. For best results, please use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

3) Unzip the file after the download completes, Some of the zip files are very large, so it may take awhile to download the file. After the download is complete, unzip the file. When the file extraction is complete, you will have a large number of folders; the images are in folders named ‘’.wayback_folderlistafterextract_

4) Enter jpg in the Search bar. This will return a list of all the jpg files from every folder.wayback_jpg_files

5) Use the Edit / Select All option to select all the jpg files. Now you can copy them to their own folder; this will make it much easier to view all your images.

Note: If the zip file is corrupt you will get an error message during the extraction process. You will not be able to view or extract your images until the file is repaired. Instructions to repair a corrupt file are here: How to Repair Corrupt Zip Files

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    • The search may be case sensitive, so make sure you are using upper and lower case if applicable. Albums marked private were not archived due to possible copyright issues, so if you had private albums they would not be archived. I am not familiar with the logic used to execute the actual search and archival process; unfortunately there is no way to know for sure why some Webshots users may have been overlooked.

      • Oh, I see. Mine were unfortunately marked private, so I guess they’re gone now. Thanks for replying back, though.

  1. Thank you very much for this! Very helpful especially I have to recover aerial shots. You are right time is well spent if you are searching for the photos. I am using Windows Photo Gallery to view all photos from the extracted folder so I do not have to go into each folder.

  2. nothing indicates my pictures are available when I look at your archive my user name is trudiyvonne please help as there are some very special pictures of my dad that I want as he died recently

    • I entered your username in the search box, but did not get any results back. Unfortunately only public albums were archived, so if your albums were private the photos won’t be retrievable. It is also possible the archive process missed certain albums. I am very sorry about your dad, and wish I could be of more help. If you would like to express your feelings to the people who made the decision to shut down Webshots and their subsequent mishandling of the transition, you can email them here: CEO Mike Sitrin at; Original founder Narendra Rocherolle at

  3. Many thanks for this feature! I’ve downloaded what appears to be all the albums I had on Webshots, plus a lot of other files that weren’t photos but were easily deleted. Having said this, I was given plenty warning at the time that the photos would eventually be deleted, so it was my own fault that I ‘lost’ them. (I rarely used Webshots but was still reminded several times and must assume everyone else was given the same warnings so could have avoided losing their photos!)

  4. I don’t know if you guys know this already, but the descriptions and captions can sometimes be viewed, basically under the condition that Wayback has a compressed archive file of your username.

    This is only useful to know if you have the photo album picture name (from an old link or a _th, _ph or _fs file). If that’s the case, then this is also only useful if that photo has about 19 numbers in its name, if it’s shorter than that (e.g. nine) it basically won’t work.

    For example, let’s say my photo is 2466707434105333462YuijKV_th.jpg Use the regular WayBack search function from the main homepage and enter the following to check if the image is even there:

    If it’s there then there should usually be a totally blank grey screen where the image would have normally been (and the phrase: “This photo may only be saved by friends”). Let’s say it’s there, but we now want the description. To do this we need to know where the photo was. If you don’t know it, there are several possibilities, e.g.,,,,, etc. Then by trial and error, enter into the regular WayBack machine: [webshots site]/photo/2466707434105333462YuijKV

    Let’s say after searching, we found it and it would be:

    Provided WayBack has the picture and archive file, you should also be also to browse albums.

    Also, the search features of newer versions of windows, and Mac are terrible. Get a program and search for .jpg files then transfer to another folder to make browsing pictures easier. A great program for the Mac for this is EasyFind.

  5. My son’s baby photos right from Minute 1 to age 3 all gone – wiped clean. 3 private albums.And no, I did NOT get any notifications. I’m heartbroken. What do I do?

    • I wish I had better news for you, but I do not think there is anything you can do to retrieve your photos. I strongly encourage you to contact the owner and management of Webshots to let them know of your experience so they can begin to understand the devastation and emotional damage their actions caused. Until they start to view the customers they treated so carelessly as real, live people with real, live feelings – they will continue to make business decisions without giving any thought to the damages these decisions might cause. Contact information: Narendra Rocherolle (owner) at; Mike Sitrin (CEO) at; Diana Donovan (VP Marketing) at

  6. Thanks so much for your work. I did a websearch, just on the offchance that I could find my photos somewhere. I couldn’t believe it when I found out I could retrieve my photos. I was never given notice of the closure of Webshots. Thanks again.

  7. Hi,
    I am thankful beyond wordsthat you all took this endeavour upon yourselves. Thank YOU!!!
    I am really confused -I found my files they display @900MB, however, I am downloading the file now and it’s over 1GB now. Is this normal or could something have gone wrong on my end or the server side?

    I have many pictures of my dad on this site. He passed away in 2011 and I am praying that I can get these pictures again…

    Thanks so much for you help.

    • 1024MB = 1GB so it’s possible the 900MB number is due to a rounding issue. This is just speculation though, I can’t say for sure. Let me know if the download is successful.

      And thank you for your kind words – it means a lot :)

  8. I didn’t get any notifications via email about this webshots shutdown either- this is shameful… thank you for helping others like this.

  9. Thanks so much for this! I was able to get one of my 2 accounts, but I can’t seem to get my main account to work. I can see it in the list, but when I try to get the zip file, it simply takes me to a page that says “internal server error” instead of giving me an open/download option. The warc.gz file for the account seems to download but then won’t open. The account name is ptcruisahgirl3. If you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate them, because this main account had all of my photos from a trip to Costa Rica, baby photos of my niece, and photos of my childhood dog that is no longer alive.

    • The warc.gz file is a type of compressed file, so you will need an application that can un-compress files with a .gz extension. One of the most popular programs is 7-zip. It is free to use and can be downloaded here:

      • Unfortunately it seems as though the file just isn’t there. The ward.gz file that seemed to download didn’t actually contain anything useful when I un-compressed it. Darn, I was so hopeful after successfully getting my secondary account’s pictures.

  10. Hi this is really helpful. Thank you so much. However I was not able to retrieve the pictures posted on my accounts that were marked as privates. Is there anyway to get hold of them. Thank you.

  11. Thank you so much for your help.
    I always have copy for photos but just found out some of the photo I saved in a DVD cannot open and I realized the webshots has been closed. I can only open some of the file . But there’s another album I couldn’t find in that Archive Search.. Don’t think that’s private. Maybe I could find it later?

    • You’re welcome :)
      I believe Webshots allowed multiple usernames under one email account; maybe the other album is under a different username? You can enter partial usernames – so if you aren’t sure of the name you can enter the first 2 or 3 characters. That that will return all names containing those characters. If your photos were not included in the archive, unfortunately I know of no way to find them in the future.

  12. I couldn’t find mine. Is this only possible if you have made it public cause I remember mine was private account. Help me out please.

  13. If I knew the situation will come up like this I would have definitely made it public. I lost all the picture, all the clicked memories of the past. I hope it will be possible in private accounts too; soon.

  14. Hi, I tried to download my photos, my user name is dgwalia_123, on searching my user name, i am able to see 1507 MB of photos. However when i try to download the file, only 105 MB of file is being downloaded and it contains very few of my pics…any reason why this might be happening?

    • I’m actually surprised you were able to extract anything at all from the file if you were only able to download a portion of the zip file. I would try to download it again – also try downloading the .gz file if you continue having problems with the zip file. (I’m assuming you have plenty of free space on your hard drive and this isn’t just a space issue.) As a test, I entered your username and started a download – it’s currently at 374MB and still downloading. I will delete from my PC after download is complete – I just want to see if I get the full 1507MB download.

      • i unzipped the partially downloaded file and was able to see a few of the pics. Used Winrar to do it. I am trying the .gz file for now. By change if you are able to download the complete file, please dont delete it from your pc. I could setup an ftp where you could transfer it and i’ll pick it from there. Meanwhile, if I am able to downlaod the complete file, will post it here. Thanks for your help

        • I stopped the download before it completed yesterday. I’ll download again and will post here when it’s finished – and this time will not delete from my PC.

          • Thanks for doing this…i tried downloading but it only downloads 250 – 300 mb and then stops.

            let me once you are done. thanks a lot.

          • I finished downloading both the zip and the gz file. (Downloaded both just to be on the safe side.) The zip file is 1803634KB (1.72GB) and the gz file is 1543466KB(1.47GB). The difference in size is probably due to the file type. Let me know where you want the files uploaded.

          • Hi,

            Below are the details for the ftp.
            Let me know once you have uploaded, i’ll download it from there.

            Thanks a million!!!

          • Hi,

            I checked the ftp location, it only had a file of 250 odd gb. Did you get any error message while on ftp?
            Prividing alternative ftp site ***

            Thanks mate.

          • Hi – I set it to transfer overnight and had a time-out error this morning. Tried a different FTP program and it keeps resetting with the error: ‘Could not write to transfer socket: ECONNABORTED – Connection aborted’. I’ll try the alternative sites.

            Update: I’ve tried numerous times to transfer the file to each of the sites, but it aborts before completion. I’m going to see if I can split the zip file and transfer it in smaller sections.

            Update: Split the file and still couldn’t ftp without errors so I’m trying Dropbox instead. You should be receiving an email shortly with a link to the first file.

  15. If you ran your username through the search and nothing came up, just the continue “searching…” then does that mean your photos are gone forever?

    • The search should return results almost instantaneously; if the username is not found the search will return the message ‘No results match your query.’ Do you have pop-up blockers enabled? I don’t know if this is the issue or not, but check that first and disable them if they are enabled. If that doesn’t work try using a different browser.

  16. Hi, I´ve tried to access this link using Firefox, Chrome and Explorer and got the same error message:
    “Sorry, your browser is not smart enough. (It does not support HTTP Range requests.”
    Could anyone tell me what is missing?

    • Are you trying to access this link on a networked PC? You’ll get this message if your computer is behind a firewall and ‘Enable HTTP Byte-Range Request’ is not enabled or the computer is behind a proxy server which does not support the HTTP 1.1 range request feature. I found these instructions for a fix, but it appears to only apply to a Windows Server environment:
      From the Policy Manager go into your HTTP-Proxy rule.
      Click the properties tab then click on edit proxy.
      Under HTTP Request – General Settings you will see an Allow Range Requests Through Unmodified Checkbox put a check in the box.

      If you are on a network protected by Watchguard, the instructions to enable HTTP range requests can be found here, but most likely you need administrator access:

  17. Thanks for the post and instructions. However, i guess mine is deleted :(
    i guess i was a bit late?
    in the WAY Back Machine, where i type my username, shows archive size of 2MB which i think not correct since i had about 8000 photos. Then when i get the Zip and decompress, theres no file.
    Id appreciate your feedback.
    P.S i think my photos were all private unless i made it available to specific individuals.
    Thanks again!
    helloworld04 ~~

    • Hello helloworldo4 :)

      I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately images in private albums were not archived; that is most likely why there are no images in your zip file.

    • Which browser are you using? There have been reports that using the Safari browser causes an infinite ‘search’ that never returns results. When I use Chrome I can see there is a 34MB zip file for RachL16 and a 76MB zip file Kitterbug25. I went ahead and uploaded the files to dropbox, you should be receiving an email notification with a link to the files.

  18. I did this and retrieved all of my pictures, but once I started going through them I realized about 90% of my 2000+ pictures are just thumbnail images :/

    • A .gz file is another type of compressed file. The contents are the same as the .zip file, it’s just the method of compression that is different.

  19. I found the username Balony50001. Then when I click and download either kind of file, I am not sure how to open it? I have a Mac, can anyone help with this please?? I tried downloading Stuffit and zipeg. Any suggestions ( I literally know nothing about this sort of thing).

  20. I’m getting the same issue with the “searching” message. I’ve tried the suggestions above, but nothing is working. Can you look up my accounts?

    Lissie610, lissarae3, DukeGirl101, RowAPalooza

    Any help is appreciated!!


  21. I had a couple accounts but I’m pretty sure you just got the one. It’s probably the one with the most pictures and it has my junior prom pictures with my best friend so… thank you. This was attached to an old email so I would never have seen notifications.

  22. Hi! Thanks so much for giving me a little hope… My little girl’s pictures are lost, I can see my account, Tittish, but I can only see a warc.gz extension and haven’t been able to open the file I downloaded… can you help?

    Thank you

    • I used 7-zip to unzip the .gz file and was expecting to see multiple folders containing jpgs, but there was only one file with a .warc extension. I tried to unzip that file using 7-zip but got the following error: ‘Cannot open file as archive.’ The contact page at the Wayback Machine website lists a phone number and email address, so I would suggest contacting them directly – maybe they can provide some assistance.

  23. First off , I want to say how awesome it is that this was made! When I read all the comments and see so many people being able to get their old photos it is great.
    I see that safari will not support the Webshot archives. Unfortunately, my mac software is ‘updated’ but still does not support Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. I’ve downloaded them all but they are not supported on my computer. This Mac is the only computer I have, is there any way to get my photos? My user name is STACIMORRISON … and I’m pretty positive I had some public albums ..

    Thank you!

    • Staci – I was able to download a zip file for user stacimorrison. I extracted the .jpg files from the zip file and created three new zip files containing images only. You’ll be getting an email shortly with links to three files containing archived images.

  24. So glad to find this!! I downloaded both my zip files, but when I search for jpg files I get no results…is it just me/my computer??
    shortee807 and shortee8072 are my old usernames.
    so many old gems on here that I really want to see!

    • Did you unzip the files first? I just downloaded files for both your usernames, ran a search and got many jpgs in return. I’m in the process of uploading the pictures from shortee807 to Dropbox. In a few minutes you’ll get an email with a download link. Try again with shortee8072 – unzip the file first, then run a search for jpgs. If you are still unable to find any jpg files, let me know and I can upload those to Dropbox as well.

  25. I just came back from serving as a Soldier in Afghanistan to find all my high school photos lost! Really? I would like to display these at my high school reunion but the link is not working. I am using a MacBook…

  26. Add me to the list of those who never got the email. Luckily most of my photos were backed up, and I have been referring to them in recent years, using webshots as an additional backup/way to link people to my photos. But today I was looking for something specific and as I couldn’t find the pictures from 9 years ago at home (I have replaced 2 computers and moved 10 time zones away since I first took them) I went to WebShots to discover them gone. Using the search tool I was able to recover find 3 of my accounts (thank you for that!), but not the other 3 (shi_euro, shi_euro1 and shi_owg) despite none of them being private. If I could find some but not the others, does that mean they are really gone? :(

  27. Hi, I have found 2 of my friend’s usernames but can’t seem to find mine?
    Username was: Sutherngurl84 (clever, right?)


  28. Hello,
    I had a Webshots account & was a premium member for awhile. I’ve been trying to use the archive to retrieve my photos. I could’ve sworn my user name was jthad52801 (that’s what I use on practically everything else), but the archive search only has “jthad”. So I downloaded that .zip file and I don’t know if I’m missing a step or if I’m just SOL, but the file is only 2MB, and there are no subfolders titled ‘’. Any help is appreciated. :-)


    • Jessie the 2MB file is the only file I see for username jthad. If the other albums were private they were not archived due to possible copyright issues. I wish I had better news for you, but it looks like that’s the only file available :(

      • Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I only remember 1 album out of 5 or 6 as being marked private, but it was so long ago. I really appreciate your help.

  29. Hi,
    Can you please help me? I’m having trouble downloading both zip files for the Webshots username: stargate_t12. There is 1 46MB file that I don’t even know if it’s corrupted or not since I can’t even download it. :( Can you please download and unzip them for me like you did for another poster and email the files to me. I am NOT computer savvy like you, by any stretch of the imagination, so any assistance you can offer me would be deeply and greatly appreciated. Again, the username is stargate_t12 and thank you for your attention and God Bless! :)

    • Maria – I was able to download and extract the images; you’ll be getting an email shortly with a link to the file. Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading it or accessing the images.

  30. Hi Jan,
    Can I ask you to do me one more favor, please? Can you do the same thing you did for me for stargate_t12 to 6 more Webshots usernames that I really desperately need to retrieve? The usernames are as follows:


    I promise that this is the last request that I will make as I’m sure you are a very busy lady. I am eternally grateful for all you have done for me and I know that God will bless you a million times over for all the good work you do. Take care. :)

    P.S. Can you also please detail the steps for me as to how sent the file to Dropbox, after you downloaded it, and then to my email via Dropbox?

    • The first three are finished and an email was sent to you with the Dropbox links (general info on the Dropbox process was also included in the email.) When I receive confirmation you were able to successfully retrieve those three files I’ll work on the remainder.

  31. Hi Jan,
    Just letting you know that I was able to successfully retrieve the files: luckybox, mantaray13, and midnightrare. The only ones left are: ratsterinn, seventh_dimension, and sunmade. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating…YOU ARE AMAZING! I really do deeply appreciate you taking the time out of your busy life to do this for me and I look forward to your next email with the last 3 files on it. Please email me if there are any problems and have a great day! :)

  32. Hi! Thanks so much for your help with this service. I downloaded some of my albums, and also some of my friends’. I was able to find one of my user names, but not the other. The one I found was krynge1, but I could not locate my original album just named krynge — both were public to my memory. I tried it on multiple browsers. No luck. Do you think it is because the user names were so similar?

    • I don’t know the algorithm used to archive the files, so unfortunately I can’t tell you why some public albums were not archived. But I am glad you were able to retrieve some of your photos.

  33. Hi Jan,

    I just wanted to let you know that if you sent me the files for: ratsterinn, seventh_dimension, and sunmade, I didn’t get them. :( Since you said that you would email them to me within 2 to 3 days from March 18th, I assume you already sent them. If you have, can you please resend them to me? I checked Dropbox and they’re not in there either. Thank you and have a nice day. :)


  34. Hi Jan,

    Yes I was! Thank you! : ) You took the time to do this great favor for me and, for that, I send you a million blessings. You are a great person and I hope that one day I can do you a favor as well. Take care and thank you, again. : )


  35. Hi Jan,
    Please forgive me for bothering you again, but I mistakenly erased my stargate_t12 file from my Dropbox. I’m so upset that I did something so stupid. I tried to download the file again from the email you originally sent me, so I wouldn’t have to bother you again, but it’s not there anymore. Can you please send me the stargate_t12 file one more time? I really mean it this time when I say that I will never bother you again with this request. Thank you for your time.

  36. Hello,

    I was notified that Webshots was closing but did not copy the photos. I had them on a back up hard drive. Unfortunately it crashed. Is there a way to get the Webshots photos back?

    my user name was azquadrider.



  37. My user name is irussitl. It shows up but will not download. It says it failed. I’m using Crome on my ipad . Any suggestions?

    • I think you are the first person to try downloading using an iPad. I would try downloading from a desktop PC instead of your iPad. (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox are all compatible.)

  38. I found my user name, dpsaidel, and downloaded the zip file several times on my iMac and can’t get it to open. I took the file to a Win8 PC and when I try to unzip it it says I’m missing the second part of the Zip file. Can you help me get my photos? The zip is named: and is approximately 1.6 Gigs. Thanks in advance! David

    • I did not get any results returned with the username sudiptee. If your albums were private they would not have been archived due to possible copyright issues. If you were a Webshots premium member, you can email with your request. Include your webshots username with your correspondence.

  39. I’ve tried using different browsers to retrieve my username, but each tells me “Sorry, your browser is not smart enough. (It does not support HTTP Range requests.)”. Am I missing something? Username is bsaana.


  40. Hi,
    I want to recover my photos from webshots . The user id is “subha_dash_photo” . Thsi album is a public album . I amm getting “HTTP Range requests” error in my browser. Could you please send me the album phortos from archive site.

  41. Hi. Just a question. I’ve tried downloading the backup of my photos several times (before this “Sorry, your browser is not smart enough” thing happened over the past days). Supposedly, it’s 1.4GB, but over and over again, I only get a ~350MB file (sometimes 340, 350, 353, 355). I don’t know if everything’s going well or not, maybe it’s because I get a download speed of about 100KB/sec and the download gets automatically interrupted after an hour has elapsed? I just tried again, and the same thing happened this time, too. This is the download link:
    *** removed link for privacy reasons *** – SmilebyWebshotsSucks admin

    Any help is appreciated. TIA.

  42. Ugh… I didn’t check earlierbecause I was busy these days. It may have been treated as spam. Could you re-send the e-mail?

    • Never mind, I just remembered I had set up filtering rules that moved anything with “webshots” in the title into a specific folder, I just checked and your e-mail is in there. Thanks! I’m taking a look now.

  43. Is the site still not working properly? I’ve tried using both Firefox and Chrome too look up on and it’s giving me the “sorry your browser isn’t smart enough” message…I finally found my list of all my (and my friends) old user names and was hoping to find them!

    • It’s still not working, unfortunately. I’ve spoken to a customer service rep twice, the last time I spoke to her was Wednesday, May 14. She said their developers are backlogged with work and I’m to call her back Monday for an update. I would imagine the more people who call, the higher they will put on their list of priorities, so please feel free to call the Internet Archive at 415-561-6767 to explain how important this search feature is. Updates are posted on the Facebook Page as well, so please like if you haven’t already to receive updates.

    • Kimberly if you were a premium member, you can send Webshots and email requesting your photos. This is the link:

      If you are trying to retrieve your photos using the Wayback Machine Search, your best bet is to call the Internet Archive at 415-561-6767 and ask for Chris Butler. He is aware of the issue and has forwarded pertinent information to a developer. The more people who call, the higher priority they will place on fixing the problem.

  44. Hi there!
    Quick question, is there a download size limit for the newly working archive search? I don’t know how to use the .warc file format so I’m forced to use the .zip file. It seems the maximum file format is 2 gb. Thanks for your help.

    • There is no download size limit that I’m aware of. Are you getting an error message or a partial file download? As for the warc file, I recently learned it only stores web crawl data from the process used to find and archive the files. The actual images aren’t included in the warc file, so it would not be an alternative to downloading the actual zip file.

      • The download just ends at 2 gigabytes without an explanation. Then the resulting download is a partial zip file I then have to use the diskinternals repair process to get working. My browser and computer shouldn’t be the problem. (Using Firefox 29 and have a newer computer with NTFS file format)

        Have you ever downloaded a .zip file larger then 2 gigabytes? Thanks for the reply!

        • I googled ‘browser download 2GB limitation’ and found that most browsers have a 2GB limitation on download size. However, according to this Microsoft support article, Internet 8 no longer has that limitation: (Latest version is 11) So I would try downloading the file using the latest version of Internet Explorer.

          • I tried 3 different browsers including IE 11 and still the same problem. I believe the problem is on their side. I will have to send them an e-mail sometime. Thanks for your help.

          • I’m really sorry you aren’t able to download the complete file. If you call or email the Internet Archive, Chris Butler is familiar with the situation and can forward your issue to the appropriate person. Phone: 415-561-6767; email: Attn: Chris Butler

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  46. I tried searching with my Username, but didn’t get my name in the list to retrieve my photos and videos. My Username is “vin2k7dha” . Please help me.

    • I tried entering your username but didn’t get any results either. If your albums were private, they weren’t archived due to possible copyright issues. If you were a Premium member, you can contact Webshots management for your photos – include your username in your correspondence.; Sorry I couldn’t be more help. :(

  47. Can you please help me find my pictures? It would be under username joegcakes, kissme553, and I know I had others can you search by email address? Thank you for your help!

  48. Hi, I downloaded chrome onto my iPad to try to download my weshots. I found my username; ALIB143XO. But when I click zip or warc the following comes up “download failed chrome unable to download” any suggestions??

  49. Hi , I had 6 accounts with mandaloju1 /2/3/4/5/6 , i could only recover last mandaloju6, is there any way to recover my 5 other accounts, they had all my family and baby’s pictures ,

    any help is appreciated.


  50. Hello! Just found this site and really hoping I can retrieve my pics. I found my username, but I can’t seem to access the pictures. I don’t necessarily think the file is corrupt (though it might be), but I think it has more to do with the fact that I’m using a MacBook. Any tips? Thanks in advance :)

  51. I feel beyond dumb not knowing this website was changed and pictures were lost. I think my account was probably on private, so I am out of luck. Thanks for helping with so many people, it’s amazing. Is there any news on if private accounts are able to retrieve their photos? I can only hope!

  52. Thank you so much, I had so many albums that i thought were lost and I was able to recover a few of them.

    I had a question though, most of the picture files seamed to be corrupt. Is there a way to open the corrupted files that are not recognized as .jpgs any more.

    • You are welcome. I’m glad you were able to recover some of your lost pictures. As for the others, I would search for software that has the ability to repair corrupt files. Good luck!

  53. Dear Admin,

    My user name is thinkofraghu, I am unable to find the user name, using your search method. Please do help.. all my wedding photos are there in.

    Raghuvamshi Ankam

  54. Hello, is there a way to find out all of my usernames if i were to give an email? I remember some of them and have recovered some of my user names already. However, I do not remember all of them and also I cannot find another one that I do remember. Can u help?

  55. i guess i am in the same boat as everyone else looking to retrieve my pictures from webshots. my username was FANORD. Admin can you please point me in the right direction?

    Please help!!

    • I am so sorry, but using the search feature, I am not able to retrieve any files with that username. I wish I could have been more help.

  56. Dear Admin,

    Can you please help me to locating any of my albums under user name ‘ajeet_kumar1’, I am not getting anything it shows searching….


  57. Hi! I have been extracting my zip file to my google drive account. I have tried 3 times and still get an error message saying extraction complete but with one or more errors.( I have viewed a small portion of my pictures.) Do you have any tips that might help me with downloading all my photos? My was kashlock I just also want to thank you for this information and this site. This is amazing!

    • I suggest downloading the file to a physical drive, next use WinRar to extract the contents. I was able to extract the file successfully using those options. You will get errors during the process, but the extraction process will continue to completion.

      I’m sorry you had to wait so long for a response; I hope this information was helpful. If you have any problems downloading or extracting, please let me know and we will go from there.

  58. Im trying to download the ZIP file, and it fails at 200kb
    then i tried the GZ file and it fails at the same rate too

    username: spiral401

    • I have the same problem with your file. It must be corrupt. You can contact the Internet Archive – the number is: 415-561-6767. In the past, I have spoken to Chris Butler and Jason Scott. They are both familiar with the Webshots Archive process.

  59. Please! I am in desperate need to access my old webshots accounts – disbeangela, disbeangela 2. I have old photos of my family/grandfather I would like to retrieve please!

  60. Hello, I like many others am in the same boat. I’ve tried the archive search, but it was stuck on the “searching…” Would you be able to search for username: evolicious, and irishev211? The evolicious account is more imprtant. Thanks so much in advance.

  61. Hello,

    I tried to post something here to reach out for help as well…could you please search username “evolicious”? I also had a username “IrishEv211” but the first one was more important. Please let me know if you find anything.

    Thanks so much!

  62. Hello, I was wondering if there was any data on the following accounts: “crystalssapics3” “crystalssapics4” “crystalssapics5”. For some reason the first albums in the series are searchable, but the others are not. They all had the same privacy settings.

    Thanks for any advice you might be able to offer and happy holidays.


    • I’m not getting results for those three accounts either. I don’t know how the program was coded, so unfortunately I don’t know know why some accounts seem to have been overlooked during the archive process.

      • I will check this again when I get home, but from my work PC, when I click that link, it just brings me to the same “searching…” with no results. I appreciate you looking into this for me and I’m anxious to see what was able to be recovered. Thanks so much, and maybe we’ll be in contact if I still have issues.


        • Evan, I had the same issue, but only when I tried searching in Safari. If you use Firefox or a different browser it should work.

        • If you are trying this from work, the PC most likely has a firewall that limits access to known networks. That could be causing your issues. If you aren’t able to download from home, let me know. Worst case, I can download the file for you, then upload to Dropbox where you can pick it up.

          • I figured that with the firewall, but I have a MacBook at home, and from previous comments, it seemed that Safari doesn’t work well with the search. I was able to use my girlfriend’s laptop with Google Chrome to get the site to return my results. This is an unbelievable feeling; I thought I had lost these pictures for good. The external hard drive I used to back these pics up was stolen, so I really had nothing. You are truly a memory-saver! Thanks so much!

    • I don’t get any results for those accounts either. If they were private, the images were not archived due to possible copyright issues.

  63. My user name was sexymalla. I used the site when I was in college and all of my albums were public. I just lost my father to cancer a month ago and two friends this weekend in a car accident and I really want to look through my hundreds and hundreds of pictures. But when I search “sexymalla” nothing comes up. Are there any other options for me to get my pictures back. I am positive they were not private.

  64. Thank you so much! I had been wanting to download all of my old photos from Webshots that I had uploaded 10 years ago and I thought they were gone. Thankfully, I remembered my old username, and I was able to download the zipped folder in just a couple of minutes, and it had all of my old photos! I’m so excited! Thank you again!

      • I tried to do a search for a zip file, but all I got was an 404 error code instead. Just in case it was only the one intended file having this issue, I tried a couple more with a similar name, but received the same error message. Is this an issue with the site, or something wrong with my computer? It worked fine about a week or so ago.

    • I don’t get any search results for shayoh either. If you have any old emails from Webshots with the subject line “Your Webshots Photos: # new views this week!” (where # is the number of views), your username will be included in the correspondence. Note that the Sent From address will be:

  65. So I was able to find my username and shows there’s 21MB of data. However, when I click on the zip location to download, I get a 404 not found error. Any suggestions?

    • I’m getting the same error also. I’m hoping it’s a temporary glitch, if it’s still an issue end of next week I’ll have to contact the folks at the Internet Archive.

        • There hasn’t been a response to my inquiry yet. From what I understand, they have a lot on their plate so this issue may not be considered a priority – but I will continue to reach out for assistance until this problem is fixed.

  66. Hi, I have been trying for ages to get my webshots photos back. I am getting the 404 error code when I attempt to download the zip file, too. Thanks for your guidance.

  67. If i already downloaded the zip file how can I find them again on my computer? Or do I have to download again? im getting the 404 error too

    • See my response to Steve regarding the 404 error. If you downloaded the file to your computer, you can use the search feature in Windows Explorer (assuming you are using a PC) to find the folder.

  68. Hello-

    My user name was cwo03g on webshots. I can search via the name, but when I try to unzip the file it says it can’t be located. I am almost certain the photos were public. Am I doing something wrong? Are you able to locate them?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

    -Chelsey Moses

  69. Thank you for embarking on this effort! My webshots username was OswaldoUVA. I am able to locate it on your archive search, but when I click the zip file, it says “not found.” Is there any hope for me?

    Thank you for your assistance!

  70. Thanks for this great article. How about downloading a full web archive site? This site says that can do it *** have you ever tried it?

  71. I SO badly would like to get my photos from 2005 back.
    My son who is now 10, I posted ALL his baby photos on Webshots! :(
    and this is back when ‘tinyurl’ and ‘myspace’ and ‘photobucket’ were the ‘thing’…..
    and poof WEBSHOTS, were gone years later…. I had forgotten my passwords and such but I LOVED to go back and look at the albums and photos.. and now they’re JUST GONE :( :( I can’t even find them my username on your link :(

    beyond depressing! I keep thinking about this every 6 months or so….
    ahhhhh :(


  72. Hello!
    I’m obviously very late to the party, deciding today that I should find out what happened with my Webshots pictures… Time has flown – I did not realize that Webshots went away in 2012. I had several hundred pictures on that site, and am not sure I have backups of all of them.

    I found your site, and followed the instructions to retrieve my folder and download it from the old Webshots. The download went without issues. However, when I opened the .jpg files that got downloaded, all of them just show a screen that says “Loading…”. They are, in effect, pictures of a screen in the process of loading. Have you seen this before? Are all my pictures lost then?

    I never got the warning emails from Webshots, and only vaguely remember reading about it going away. But nothing “in my face” telling me to take action. Email those people now won’t do anything.

    Buyer beware – lesson learned.

    Please do let me know if I’m missing something and there’s still a chance of my pictures being salvageable.

    Thank you,

    • I need a little more information. Was the file from the Wayback Machine or the Webshots Downloader? If you provide your Webshots username I can test the search feature at the Wayback Machine for results. If you are having issues with the downloader, I can forward that information to Webshots management.

  73. Thanks. I found my photos that I uploaded on Webshots in 2005. Much appreciated, they mean a lot to me

    • Also want to add if I click on said image folder, and keep clicking until I see a “jpeg image” file. Ill click on it and it will pop open the image viewer but its just a small loading word that appears in the middle, its not loading.

      • oK sorry for the comments but I really want the pics. So it seems after waiting quite some time on loading a picture does show up. It takes like 3 min though. There has to be a better way or am I missing something. I have to get through like 5 subfolders to get just to a image tab,

  74. I’m getting this error message after downloading the .zip file and trying to open it:
    “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive.”

    Any ideas?

  75. I found my username and clicked the zip link and downloaded. However, when I search for jpg nothing comes up?

  76. Looking for my user name “anechka” returns 8 users but none of them is me :( Would you have any ideas why this happens?

    • I don’t know how the developers coded the search parameters, so unfortunately I can’t tell you why some images did not get archived. :(

  77. Is there any way to recover forgotten usernames? I’m trying everything I can think mine would have been but haven’t had any luck. :(

  78. Hello!

    Thank you so much for providing this service. I’m attempting to recover a bunch of pictures that I uploaded during college. I’ve found all of my user names with no problem, but when I download both the zip and the .gz and attempt to open the pictures, it gives me an error message when Adobe pops up, saying that it’s not a “supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn’t correctly decoded)”.

    I’ve downloaded WinZip and that failed to open them as well.

    One of my user names is labellagrazia. Could you help me please? I’d be so grateful. Thank you!! :)

    • WinRAR can bypass the errors and successfully extract the contents. I sent you some additional info using the email you provided; your images (the ones without errors) are available on Dropbox.

  79. I was able to recover 2 of my usernames out of the 10 I probably had on this site. So disappointing to have lost so much… but at least I got something. Do you think they will ever have the private ones eventually searchable?? You’re doing great service for people though – this is amazing that anything was able to be found.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Private accounts were not archived due to possible copyright issues, so I wouldn’t count on it.

  80. Thanks. I was able to recover one of my albums however the second gives an error “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged” with winrar when I attempt to extract it. Ive tried downloading it over and over but to no avail. I was soooo close to getting all of my old high school photos back and that had to happen :(

  81. Hii
    My username is smithu_28.I am not able to find any of my photos..I am trying to recover my son’s baby photos..Its really so painful that I don’t have access to any of my photos.Can you please please help?Thank you.

  82. user “dcoleaz”

    I used webshots as a holing place for several years of Halloween Parties. I would love to get these back. I tried using winzip and I see a bunch of files but they do not open at all. I would love to get some help. I will donate if I hear back from you.

  83. First of all, a huge thanks for this site and for working so hard to help so many people recover their memories. I had about 19 albums and received no notification of Webshots shutting down! I have found my username and downloaded the .zip file but when I try to unzip it, I get this error code: “Unable to expand [file] into Downloads”. I’m not sure what this means? I have plenty of space on my Mac, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Username was WhitneyPage. Any help is seriously appreciated!!

  84. Just found out webshots is gone!! I thought my albums were public but I can’t find them. 3 of them, 90blzr mychal71 and elcoholic71

    Please help. Is there anyone to contact regarding help with this?


  85. I can’t find our user name in the list. What do we do now? Help. My son’s pictures are in this album. I lost my computer with his baby pictures. I’d appreciate your help and will donate financially if you can find.

    • You can try a partial name search, on the off chance you aren’t entering the full username correctly. Only public albums were archived due to possible copywright issues, so if it was private you won’t find your username. If your album was public and you were a premium member, you can still contact management at to request a file containing your pictures. Good luck!

  86. I am having trouble using your link. It says “searching” and then never brings anything up. The user name was ‘shalerome’ or ‘Shalerome’. Thanks for all your help.

    • You may be behind a firewall if you are using a networked PC. Make sure you are using a non-networked PC. Try another browser (Chrome or Firefox work) if you are still having issues.

  87. Thank you so much. It worked for me. I didn’t even realize how much I had lost and what I was missing until I did this. Now I keep them on an external hard drive but would still like to find a safe web site to keep all my photos on, as well.

  88. Thank you for doing so much to help people that are just now figuring out their photos are gone! I was able to find my username in the search field “punkheathen” (don’t judge it was high school and college) but wasn’t able to find any image files. I know I had hundreds of photos. I tried on both a pc and mac…any advice? Have you seen of any instances of names coming up but no photos being available?

    • The size of the file (2MB) indicates no images were compressed. I did not write the code that extracts the images, so unfortunately I can’t tell you why the algorithm to extract photos did not work in your case.

  89. Hi,
    This is amazing if I can get this to work – I’ve used the search to find both of my usernames successfully:

    BUT – When I try to download the zip or the gz, I get “Operation timed out” using wget and “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” for chrome.

    Are these files still available?? I’d love to get these photos back. Any help with this would be very appreciated!!


  90. I am having a problem with getting my pictures…my username is tbail6. When I click the [zip] and the [warc.gz], it says that the page has timed out. Does that mean my pictures are gone?

    Thank you for your help

  91. Hello, I have read this whole comments section and it seems that the issue was fixed, but when I tried to follow the link it did not work. I got the point where I found my username and tried to download the zip file on google chrome and Internet Explorer, but i got the below error message. Jc3speed was my user name, did I miss something or do something wrong.

    Network Error (tcp_error)

    A communication error occurred: “Connection refused”
    The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

    For assistance, contact your network support team.

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