Wayback Machine – How to Repair Corrupt Webshots Archive Files

If the zip file(s) you downloaded from the Wayback Machine are corrupt, you can use ZipRepair to repair the file and WinRar to open the files contained in the repaired file. Both programs are free to use. Winrar states there is a 40-day limitation but you can use the trial version indefinitely.

Download Winrar here: Winrar at Snapfiles
Download ZipRepair here: ZipRepair at Snapfiles

Once both programs are installed, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1) Open ZipRepair and click ‘Next’.

2) Browse to and select the corrupt zip file. Note the repaired file will be given the same name as the original with the addition of ‘recovered_’.

3) Click ‘Next’ and wait until the scanning process is complete.

4) When process is finished, you will see a list of repaired files. Click ‘Next’.

5) The program will create a repaired archive file. When the process is complete, click ‘Next’.

6) Click ‘Finish’ to close the program. DO NOT check ‘Open the archive after the wizard is closed’.

7) Open Winrar, click ‘File’, select ‘Open Archive’.

8) Browse to the recovered file and click ‘Open’.

9) Winrar will display a list of the archived files. Click the ‘Extract To’ icon.

10) Note the destination path – this is where the repaired files will be located. (The default location will be a folder with the same name as the recovered zip file you are extracting.) Click ‘OK’ to begin the extract process.

11) Winrar will begin extracting the files. A pop-up window will show a list of diagnostic messages; no action is necessary – this is informational only.

12) When the extraction process is complete, open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder containing the repaired files. (This was the destination path indicated by Winrar in Step 10)

13) Open the folder to see a listing of all subfolders.

14) Enter jpg in the Search bar. This will return a list of all the jpg files from every folder. (Note that this image is from another repaired file, but the instructions remain the same.)wayback_jpg_files

Use the Edit / Select All option to select all the jpg files. Now you can copy them to their own folder; this will make it much easier to view all your images.

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