The Happy Couple

Narendra Rocherolle Nick Wilder

Narendra Rocherolle and Nick Wilder. Just a couple of friendly, down-home guys kicking back on the farm.

Let’s hear from some of their Smile by Webshots customers.

“Shame on have no idea what you have done to people.”

“I’m done this is reprehensible”

“This is devastating for anyone who stored their photos on webshots to share them with the world. All this will be gone.”

“If this weren’t such a painful and devastating moment for Webshots, I would really laugh out loud. You’ve been misleading in every way.”

“I had to lay down in a darkened room for a few hours, at the sheer shock of what’s happened on Webshots.”

“You have created war with me, my family and many other users of your service.”

“This is totally devastating after years of uploads to a place I thought I could trust to keep my photos and albums intact.”

“We trusted you. You betrayed us”

3 thoughts on “The Happy Couple

  1. Why on Earth would you just do away with a fine website? You wanted to start ‘Smile”? Fine start Smile but don’t screw everyone who was on webshots over? Very Mean!
    You could of sold webshots to keep it going, whatever! Never trust anyone!! EVER!!!! This is what you get, people who have no respect for others!

  2. It’s heartbreaking and SICKENING. I loved WS. I loved the community.

    Day before yesterday I got an email from them.


    Over a month ago, I cancelled by account and requested a refund.

    Still no answer. No refund.

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