Smile Begone!


Update: Threefold Photos has split Smile by Webshots into two apps. Smile mobile app and Webshots Wallpaper and Screensaver. Like Smile, Webshots Wallpaper and Screensaver leaves running processes that make it difficult to remove. You can use these instructions to remove all traces of both programs.

1. Save your Webshots Pictures
Before removing Smile, you should move existing photos to another folder. 
a) Look in C:\My Documents\webshots data. Copy and save the .jpg files to another location.
b) If you can’t find C:\My Documents\webshots data, it may mean you chose during original setup to put them in a different location. Search C: for ‘webshots data’, find the one folder with .jpg files in it and copy and save the .jpg files to another location.

2. Remove Smile
You must stop Smile from running before you can uninstall.

a) Right-click the taskbar then select Start Task Manager.
Task Managerb) Click the Processes tab.
c) Under the Image Name column, find all processes named like ‘smile*’, ‘websh*’, ‘wallscr*’, ‘webscr*’,  or ‘webshotsupplant*’
d) Click the process (which will highlight it) then click the End Process button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Task Manager.
e) Click the Services tab.
f) Under the Name column, find all services named like ‘AGCore service’, ‘smile*’, ‘websh*’, ‘wallscr*’, ‘webscr*’ or ‘webshotsupplant*’
g) Right-click on the name and select ‘Stop Service’. If it is grayed out that means it is already stopped.
h) Close Task Manager
i) Click Start and type msconfig in the Search Programs and Files text box. The search will return msconfig.exe.
j) Right-click and select ‘Run as Administrator’
k) Select ‘Selective Startup’ on the General tab
l) Click the Services tab. Uncheck any Service named like Webshots, Smile or American Greetings
m) Click the Startup tab. Uncheck any Startup Item named like Webshots, Smile or American Greetings7
n) Close msconfig
o) Go to Control Panel/Uninstall a Program and uninstall any program with the name Smile, Webshots or American Greetings
p) Perform a search for leftover files or folders containing ‘smile*’, ‘websh*’, ‘wallscr*’, ‘webscr*’, ‘webshotsupplant*’ or ‘AGI.’ Most likely they will be in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86)
q) Delete the files and folders that were found with the search. 

3. Reinstall old Webshots Software (Optional)
After Smile is uninstalled you can reinstall the old Webshots software, but it is not available from Smile/Webshots
a) Search for ‘wbsamp5.exe’. Some of the sites may ask you to sign up to download the file. I recommend this website as there are no sign-up requirements: Please note there is a newer version of the webshots software but Smile will reinstall if that one is used so make sure the downloaded file is ‘wbsamp5.exe’ before installing.
b) Add in the .jpg files you saved before you uninstalled Smile (from Step 1).

c) NEVER UPDATE or Smile will take over.


Additional safety tip:

In the newly created Program Files\Webshots directory, change the extension by adding on OLD to the end so there are two files: wsaxupdater.dllOLD and wsaxupdater.exeOLD


4 thoughts on “Smile Begone!

  1. I had a user report a couple of days ago on the Webshots FB page that the ‘Additional… possibly not necessary….. safety tip’ b) listed above regarding deleting AGCore was absolutely essential for them to stop Slime from trying to install, but did work. YMMV

  2. My webshots data are not jpegs, they are all some type of webshots files, wb1 extension. Can I use those too without a problem?


    Ultimate Webshots Converter.
    I used it to convert all of my Webshots ProShots to JPGs
    and it works like a charm.
    Easy to use too.
    I had over 15000 (!) pictures from being a member since 2001.
    The new company sux.

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