Smile by Webshots / Webshots Wallpaper – Deceptive Business Practices Continue


Ethics Be Damned! We want your money and we want it now!

The other day I received this email:

We are introducing Webshots Wallpaper & Screensaver, and are thrilled to welcome you as a subscriber. Your membership is up for renewal and your credit card will be charged $2.99 a month starting on 2013-09-23. As a Premium subscriber, you’ll have exclusive access to our Gallery of over 1,000 stunning professional photos from around the world, with new photos added daily: waterfalls, beaches, animals and more.

Just download Webshots Wallpaper & Screensaver and sign in with your email address and password to get started. If you have questions or need further assistance, please visit Help. You can update your billing information or cancel your subscription at any time.

The Webshots Team

Unbelievable. Not only are they subscribing me to a service I never asked for, they are charging me for it as well. And here is the kicker – I don’t even have the software – I have to download the app and sign in to get started. Gee, thanks Webshots.

It is bad enough that the people they neglected to notify last year when Smile replaced Webshots are receiving these emails. But it is despicable that these emails are going to the very people who were virtually sucker-punched by Threefold Photo’s gang of Silicon Valley con men, then left dazed, confused and powerless.

I’m not sure which is worse –

  • The management team has absolutely no awareness how these renewal notices might affect people who last year were discarded like yesterday’s trash.
  • The management team is aware how these renewal notices might affect people – but simply don’t care. The woman who had to lay down in shock for hours upon finding out her community of friends and photos were wiped out overnight;  the gentleman who had thousands of hits on his website only to see every link broken in a matter of seconds; all the people whose computers were invaded by the virus-like Smile software – I’m sure they will be overjoyed to find an email from the very same company who couldn’t be bothered to personally respond to their questions and concerns when all this was occurring.

In my opinion, the transition in October 2012 from Webshots to Smile was a classic case of intentional fraud – a misrepresentation of a material fact which is intended to deceive another, does actually deceive another, and which causes harm to the one deceived.  It’s disappointing – but not entirely unexpected – to see the underhanded business practices continue.

If you receive an unsolicited renewal notice from Webshots Wallpaper and Screensaver or their sister service, Smile; or are billed for a renewal without your permission – please consider filing a report at one or more of these websites.

Ripoff Reports
Better Business Bureau
Federal Trade Commission

Company Name: Threefold Photos
Company Address: 200 Tamal Plaza, Corte Madera, CA 94925
Company Phone: (415) 891-3264
Company Website:
Smile –
Webshots Wallpaper –
Smile / Webshots Founder – Narendra Rocherolle
Smile / Webshots President – Mike Sitrin

If you would like to contact the Threefold Photos management team directly:
Narendra Rocherolle:
Mike Sitrin:
Diana Donovan (VP Marketing):

12 thoughts on “Smile by Webshots / Webshots Wallpaper – Deceptive Business Practices Continue

  1. I did receive my refund about a month ago. Someone from the original Webshots got it to me. I hope everyone is reimbursed! I miss Webshots.

  2. I wish I had the know-how, smarts and money to start a website that would truly be another “Webshots” (but obviously with a different name).

    Since I don’t have that type of education, I keep hoping that maybe another long-time Webshots (the original one) customer who knows all about creating websites, web hosting, web mastering and anything and everything else that’s involved would want to create a Webshots duplicate.

  3. If anyone ever does set up a site like webshots was, please let me know! I miss it so much! It was a great place to share photos and find new friends!

  4. I like the Smile cloud in away because it has all my old pictures. A month ago I accidentally deleted every photo I had and including all the zipped folders from old Webshots. If it was for Norton 360 and Smile I would have lost all my hard work. I use to be Tigerlady96 on Webshots.

    • Cloud storage is not infallible so you should still make backups of all your photos. Personally, I would never let these guys near my pictures or my wallet after all that transpired, but they are your photos so it is your decision. Once again though – you must make backup copies if you want to be absolutely sure your photos are safe and secure.

  5. I just received a charge on my credit card bill for the month of September for $2.99. I thought I was done with Webshots when I cancelled my premium subscription with them after their photo deletion campaign. I never received an email or letter from Webshots, Smile, or whatever this company is called telling me about being charged. The $2.99 is a small sum, but this fraudulent business practice made me furious.

    • Hi Rob – Here is what you need to do: 1) Contact your bank to dispute the charges. They will not allow these charges to go through if you dispute them. 2) Email Mike Sitrin and cc Narendra Rocherolle at Threefold Photos to inform them their unauthorized withdrawal of funds will be reported to the Federal Trade Commission if they don’t correct this immediately. Their contact info is:, (Posted on Facebook page also)

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