Smile by Webshots Batch Downloader

Smile by Webshots has released a batch downloader that will allow you to download all your photos at once. The initial release would delete your photos and account upon completion of the download, but this version has been modified to leave your photos and account intact.

Install the downloader here: Smile Batch Downloader. Select ‘Run’ when you get the Security Warning.

Following the prompts, continue with the install. When the install is complete, select ‘Finish’ to launch the application.

This is the batch downloader main screen. Click ‘Login’ to access your Smile account. You can safely disregard the warning regarding permanent deletion of your files. This version has been modified to leave your photos and account intact.Batch_Download_10

Enter your email (or webshots username) and password then click ‘Login’.

After you login you will be back at the downloader screen. Click ‘Start’ to begin downloading your files. The download file count will displayed and updated as the process continues.

When the download is complete click ‘Show’ to open the folder containing the downloaded files.

The folder containing your images will open.

I used the application to successfully batch download all my photos and can verify that my account is still intact and nothing was deleted from the Smile website. To request permanent deletion of your photos please send an email to Include all pertinent account information, including your webshots username.

6 thoughts on “Smile by Webshots Batch Downloader

  1. Sadly, I continue to get an error message that reads, “Unable to understand response from server!” Have you heard of anyone else receiving this message, or what can be done? This service is beyond frustrating.

  2. Is it possible to download the private ablum?
    Wayback Search Machine only for public ablum only……

    Thanks so much!

  3. I’d like to know.. what happened to all my personal foto’s from years ago on your old website?? Those are not in the archives.. This was before Smile took over.. All my foto’s are gone!!!! I’m not computer savvy so I don’t know what or how to find or get them back!!

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