11 thoughts on “Oh, Did We Forget to Tell You?

    • My PREMIUM subscription was due to expire on March 18 of THIS YEAR!!! I figure that it died in early October when I went on and SUDDENLY found that I could NEITHER up- or down load – just what I’d paid for w/ that subscription. SURPRISE!!!!! I’m not even going to take the time to try to collect what they owe me for the period from October 4, 2012 through March 18, 2013! It isn’t worth it! AND my time is too valuable! I don’t know how many people they’ve stiffed, but something that I saw here earlier said that the TOTAL membership for Webshots exceeded 200,000! I wonder what they’d do if EVERYONE decided to collect on what they owe! That doesn’t even count that they’ve virtually tried to STEAL OUR PICTURES!!!! Putting THEIR watermark on them, IMPLIES THEIR OWNERSHIP – OF OUR PICTURES!!!! I’m REALLY PISSED, but I HAVE THE ORIGINALS of the scanned pictures, and I have the digital ones that I UPLOADED to Webshots – when they were clean, and STILL ARE, They’re also on an external HD. Too bad you 2 pieces of what I wouldn’t mention in polite company!

    • It isn’t this web site that did it… It is webshots and they are charging 2.99 a month.. I would never pay that much to them!

  1. Unbelievable stupid marketing mistake to give two weeks notice before deleting all photos of prior customers and then expect a positive acceptance of their new product … what a rediculous management decision that was!!

  2. Plus side: I never gave them any money.
    Negative side: I lost years of photos … YEARS of time.

    I will NEVER buy anything related to Webshots/Smile/American Greetings.

    • Ditto to that D7ana! I NEVER received any form of communication from webshots, therefore I was not given the chance to retrieve MY pictures. I was distraught when I realized that my pics were gone. This is so wrong on so many levels!

  3. I was a paid member since 1998 so that will give you and idea how much I lost.
    There should be a class action against them.

  4. I wondered why I hadn’t heard from them telling me how many people had looked at my albums….yesterday, I discovered why. I never received any emails informing me of any changes, or of a timetable to the deletion of all of my photos. These people are greedy, insensitive, arrogant bast***s.

    Get the word out “Smile” is poison. Would you trust these characters with anything you value let alone pay them?

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