Message Bus Serendipity Series

The Serendipity Series, hosted by Message Bus, is a series of speakers that includes such luminaries as Producer/Director Jon Avnet and violinist extraordinaire Robert Gupta.

“The Serendipity Series brings together technology professionals with business leaders, artists, athletes, writers and thinkers to engage in enlightening discourse,” said Narendra Rocherolle, Message Bus Chairman and Co-Founder.

I wonder how many business leaders, artists, athletes, writers, and thinkers Narendra Rocherolle, Nick Wilder, Josh Fraser and Mike Sitrin left battered and bloody when they ran them over with their Message Bus. They drool over the rich and famous, yet kick everyone else to the curb like stray dogs. Interesting value system they’ve got there. Robert Gupta, who spoke at the series on January 15, 2012, is a well-known humanitarian. I wonder if he would have agreed to speak if he knew beforehand what the Message Bus team really stands for:

$$$$$$$ > Everything


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