Meet the Silicon Valley Swindlers – Part 1

Hi! My name is Narendra Rocherolle.


My parents were incredibly rich so I never had to want for anything.

silver spoon

This taught me to value the important things in life: wealth, status, ironman marathons, designer clothing, having my wedding pictures published in Bride’s Magazine. I probably deleted your wedding photos but you aren’t an important person so I don’t care.

Here is a picture of me on my wedding day looking fabulously casual in my Kiton suit.

No off-the-rack for this groom! Kiton is described as the ‘suit and dress shirt designer for the world’s well-moneyed elite.’ In other words, me! Kiton suits are priced from $5,000 to $50,000 each. In that case, I should buy one in each color!


The Kiton K-50: The world’s most expensive suit.

I treat rich and famous people with respect and awe because I’m incredibly shallow. My uncle, Jon Avnet, is a rich and famous movie producer – isn’t that cool! He gets mad respect from me. Everyone else I treat like the stuff I scrape off my shoe after a morning jog through the local dog park.


I must be off now. Time to scam solicit funding from rich investors for another lame startup. But I hope this brief glimpse into my privileged life will be a constant reminder that I’m special and you’re not!

7 thoughts on “Meet the Silicon Valley Swindlers – Part 1

    • I got mine back, but I haven’t been able to open them. I guess it would’ve been too difficult for them to give us jpegs, a common file. But to make it worse, they didn’t keep the pics inside their folders. Picture taking 100s of pics out of their individual sorted and organized albums and then throwing them up in the air and then picking them up from the floor. That’s what I got.

  1. Unbelievable this guy came on thinking he could make big money by screwing a great site and I hope he reaps all that he sows. All these people know is grab some software guy and try to make money off the real people. May he walk down a rainy road with a tee shirt on his back FOREVER.

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