Important Information for Premium Members of Classic Webshots

If you were a Premium Member of Webshots when the program was replaced with Smile in October 2012, your account was transferred to Smile and your photo libraries were moved to the Smile server.

The Webshot’s management team has provided a Windows-only application that will download an archive of your photo library from the server to your hard drive. You may download the program here: After the download completes, install and launch the software. Login with your original Webshots user name or email address, and password. Your archived file will be saved to the following location:  C:/User/Documents/Smile-Archives.

You MUST manually end the downloader process in Task Manager; it will not stop when you close the program. To leave a process running is poor design and lazy coding, but that’s par for the course at Smile / Webshots headquarters. To open Task Manager, ctrl-alt-del then select ‘Start Task Manager’. Click on the Processes column. Under the Image Name column, find SmileDownloader.exe. Right click on the filename for a pop-up menu. Select ‘End Process’. You will get a prompt asking ‘Do you want to end SmileDownloader.exe *32?’ Click the ‘End Process’ button and exit Task Manager.


If you are unable to download your file,  you can email Webshot’s management for additional assistance:

Narendra Rocherolle:
Mike Sitrin:

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