Actions Speak Louder

Message Bus – the primary focus of Smile by Webshots owners Narendra Rocherolle and Nick Wilder – is described as ‘an elastic, robust and highly distributed cloud-native application to power message delivery across platforms and channels.’  Or as folks outside the Silicon Valley tech bubble like to call it – email.

Message Bus is a client of The Rowland Agency, a marketing firm that publishes promotional news and information via various sources such as Yahoo!Finance. The two paragraphs below are from an article published on 3/11/2013, focusing on the interaction between Message Bus and Webshots. Can you make it through the maze of buzzwords without having to reach for a bottle of aspirin?

Webshots, a photo cloud storage service, uses Message Bus and DataDog through the Zapier integration to achieve a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement across multiple email channels, including marketing campaigns and application triggered notifications, helping improve the customer experience, increase customer retention, and drive operational efficiency. 

“No company can do without email,” said Mike Sitrin, CEO of Webshots. “Although we’re an image hosting company, we drive customer engagement and participation with email and other digital channels. By using Message Bus to send our email and DataDog to analyze vast volumes of data including email, usage metrics, operational feedback and other vectors, we can tune our business to run lean and efficiently, focus on our products and improve our revenues. Zapier enables all of this by removing the burden of developing custom integrations and allowing us to creatively approach the data crunching that leads to breakthrough insights.”

Where does the customer fit into all of this? There is mention of improving the customer experience, but nowhere do I see how  that will be accomplished. Marketing campaigns? Heck, they can’t even keep track of who is and isn’t a current Webshots / Smile member. Might I suggest they spend less of time coming up with tired technical jargon for their press releases and more time thinking about how their products affect real, live people.

One thought on “Actions Speak Louder

  1. Thanks for destroying my memories – The ones that I shared with other webshots members & millions of others. All gone in a heartbeat & all while I was still a paid up member. Yes you “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS” don’t they. Take the money & run. Screw the members. After all we are only “useless eaters” are we not!! Not long now before your indifference will weigh heavily on you. I hope you do not experience what that tupe of philosophy leads too. I will PRAY that you do. Ken

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