A Criminal in White Collar Clothing

narendra rocherolle

Narendra Rocherolle (Founder – Threefold Photos) is associated with the following Silicon Valley startups:

Email delivery system Message Bus.
Mobile photo-sharing app Smile.
Desktop wallpaper changer Webshots Wallpaper & Screensaver

If you are an investor or a current / potential customer, please be aware you are dealing with a liar, con man and thief. When he purchased Webshots from American Greetings, a membership list was included in that purchase. He shut the site down in December of 2012, but now he is padding the pockets of his latest incarnation of Webshots (similar to the original in name only) with funds stolen from the ex-members. Numerous examples of people victimized by his scam can be found at the Smile by Webshot Sucks Facebook page

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